Friday, January 15, 2016

We are all Human. We are all Equal. Justification.


To provide or be a good reason for

To prove or show

To provide a good reason for the actions of. 

Justification is a strange and slippery slope. People often feel correct in their actions and prove this through justification. People justify millions of actions based on what feels right to them, what seems to be fair. We feel we should give money to charity, provide the sick with care,and  take in lost animals who don't have a home. We do these things because of justification. We provide these things or do these services because we feel that it's the right thing to do and that it is what others deserve. We use just actions to shine light on problems that need attention. Justification is a beautiful thing when used in this way. It nourishes us to be better people than what we were yesterday. 

Justification also has a very dark and twisted side. We feel justification for our dark actions the same if not stronger than our lighter ones. We feel that others deserve to be treated as less than equal because we have rationalized in our minds that that person is less than equal. We feel like that person has wronged us in some way or taken advantage, therefore malice actions towards them of equal or greater value are the right actions. An eye for and eye so to say. This system works with humans for the majority because of the insatiable need for use to experience things in black and white. We want to make sense in our minds of right and wrong. We want to treat wrong or unjust with wrong, but justified actions. 

In my adolescent state of mind this system does work, but as I've gotten older it is incredibly flawed. People are flawed. People are incredibly aggravated with one another and feel justified in the dehumanization process. They used it daily to make themselves feel better. 

Tonight I witnessed a father and an adopted grown child in a scuffle. I witnessed the justified father feel taken advantage of for having to provide for the grown child who is pushing through his late twenties. The same child who up until the age of nine lived in a highly abusive situation where daily he was reminded that he was born a bastard child. A child who moved on from place to place after high school only to end up in prison and parole from a series of bad decisions and then finally back to the adoptive father.

 The father provides him a place to live and stay rent free for the last nine months all the while waiting patiently for him to get into a grove of employment and adulthood. The grown child is slow moving to find a job and often frequents the fathers home to eat daily. He often does not hold up his end of the bargain when it comes to helping out. Obviously the father feels used. 

Tonight I witnessed the father dehumanize the grown child and feel justification for it. It is quite possibly the scariest of scenarios in my mind.  

The entire family gathered to eat on a joyous birthday occasion.  A table full of food plenty for the taking. Everyone has a plate to eat, but the moment the grown child decides to eat, the father stops him abruptly asking him what he is doing. Father then proceeds to tell him  that if he is hungry he can go home and eat his own food and that he is tired of him taking and taking without thanks. He strips him of his feeling of unity and self worth by telling him he is not welcome to the party that the rest of the family is participating in. The grown child puts his food back politely and rinses off his plate. He doesn't fight back or express himself, he leaves with head low.

Father feels joy that he has won the power struggle. He feels pride that his authority is en-tacked. He is justified in stripping someone of their feeling of community and home. He feels correct in hurting someone and dehumanizing them. He uses it as a punishment to instill in that grown child that he is in control and that he will not be taken advantage of. 

Justification is a dangerous and vicious thing.  

I imagine many people have this concept of thinking as their first line of defense when dealing with the unknown. I often feel this is why people hate one another is because they have justified this hate with what they feel like is rational thinking. I'm not sure I'm always comfortable with justification especially when it is use in the process of dehumanization.