Friday, February 18, 2011

Something from Early 2009

      Thoughts for Today.                   

         The revolution I am embodying through this crisis of life encourages my body and mind to expel the wandering, empowering, thoughts of my soul to a divided book of contrasting views of ownership. I am not encouraged through this embodiment to embrace my right to ownership and individualistic thought.

" I have been driven many times upon my knees with the overwhelming conviction that I have no place else to go."-(Lincoln, Psalms-Maybe both?)

My knees are tired of this influx of conformity to share my passion for joyous achievements. I have the right to this entangled web of sensuous desire for myself. Sharing my fate for joyous desire only exudes my potent solution of happiness to be tainted. It is my right to claim happiness because it is mine. These knees are scraped by the lack of individualistic empowerment from adjectives and labels that describe my sense of self. It is only I that can conjure up what it is to reside in my vision. My vision is an androgynous essence. I can not be characterized as being a set side of objectivity because I diffuse into two levels of personification. A spirit not described with hierarchical placements as a student, daughter, wife, or sister. Holistic approaches are comforting to the visual, auditory, and emotional perceptions of self. I function on a level of individualistic thought as I walk from building to building today. I am functioning in this level to achieve my joyous sense. Happiness is brought upon me with the notion that I am who I am, no one can steal that identity from me no matter how many adjectives and labeling thoughts about me are cast to the air. Bat them away with happiness. I float spiritually, happy. If there is ever anything I do own, the only thing I will ever own. It is this.